​I was a picturesque piece of chaos

Yet had no shape of future

Moments gazed at me in awe

To learn how to waste time
I was a splendid piece of no worth

Until a worthless love bloomed in me

It was a sweetie that had no face

With whom I felt all love’s glee
Thirsty for something

And to figure out what

My pen and paper met

Poured then rigorous thought
At first I scrapped some verses

Then a ream of paper lot

Then I threw my stupid love

And was cursed by cupid hot
Slowly and pretty slowly

Mecry freed me from the knot

Now only with writing Him

I find the very soul’s sweet spot
Life has ripped me skin and bone

Only to give me wings of hope

Etched till the last lump of fat

I now stay all afloat
Light, so light than the lighter light

With might of a burning torch

So wise a flame have I got

Sun couldn’t stand the scorch
Don’t take me for a egoed goose

I sing in all merry

Just read and tip it off

I’m on His love ferry
I go singing let me go

I go singing let me go

I go singing let me go

I love being in His lap

Singing till all time fall lapsed
Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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