Just Penned!! – In The Craters of The soul

In the craters of the soul
The darkness is intact
With the tact of darkness intact
The asteroids of steroids
Hit the soul particle

The floating expanding truth
Fails embracing the soul particle
The soul particle is ignorant
To lose its minimal being
To be the expanding truth

The crater’s darkness threatens
That the eyes of soul should face truth’s glare
The belittled soul makes couch of the ego snare
Wearing the deceiving sleep
The soul particle dissolves into darkness

In fact, the crater’s mouth is smaller
Smaller than the soul particle
It is with the lust for darkness
The souls slips from truth, light and its glare
Into the deep, deep, deep of the crater
So deep, till it settles away
Away from the expanding truth

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

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