Just Penned!! At The Meniscus of The Heart

From puddle to pond to brook to oceans

I’ve set off from the distant shores

But, my gills are yet to breathe in bubbles

Yet it yearns for the song of the pebbles
The chillness of fear is intact in the bones

My spine has dubbed into an eel

I wished I swam like a whale

Yet, dream of settling in an aquarium stale
I love the ocean currents

And the miraculous blue waters

Yet the heart falls for the pond Lilly

Staring at the puddle’s walls
The oceans will hate my heart’s waves

But I love the calm and qualms of the sea storm

As I enjoy the inner weather in me

The sun is freezing at the dawn
My feet long for the tenderness of the lawn

Heart throbs to swim

Mind broods of breeding wings

As I stretch my palm for a reading
I’m a maze within and without

Amazed of the spiritual waters

I know I’m dry and thirsty

Yet fear swimming through the deep of the matters
I’m scared to take a gulp of truth

But poised to savour venom for lifetime

I put my head out of the waters

To breathe the stink of the past
The ocean is calm…

Staring at the waves of the heart

I guess, sinking would be better than swimming
Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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