Just Penned!! – Knack of the Flame


The brief whisper of the wick died
Occupied the silent light

The pranic yoga of the light
Taught the balance of air and the flame
The flame evaded the blast of air
Yet consumed it for a long affair

The knack of the flame amused the soul
With the submission of the wick so whole
The mesmerized seiged darkness
Was falling in love with the light

The nothingness of exhaled air
Was returning with the light
With closed eyes and an open soul
The limits of everything felled

The wick was burnt to wisdom
The light was escaping realms
The breathe of the uncanny soul
Strived on its own

Darkness beseiged back
Light put off its soul
Wick fell onto the floor
Soul’s elegy downpoured

The brief sob of the soul died
Occupied the silent light

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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