Just Penned!! -The well kept vault


The secret vault is well kept
Where I change faces
I gnaw at my good ones
And put up lust at once

I tread not through the streets
I float through filth in the air
I can clean my privacy settings
And can come out pretty fair
I still can rise a finger against
And complain a friend’s affair

The silly sense of “ID”
Excites my stealthy stare
I peep into the nasty of the things
Yet I speak the beauty of the Lord

Inwardly, I fear the hell
But not when it tickles my lust
I embrace the hot hot hell with love
Yet yearn for the heavenly dove

I treat God as a farce
Yet I warn people about the falling stars
I sell the reasons of doomsday good
To earn my crappy filthy food

I fear not the Almighty
As I fear servers, admins and hackers
To whom should I pray for my sins?
With whom should I keep trust?

O Lord! Rear me to Thy herd
I’m lost in the crippling WiFi smog
Cleanse my heart of the browsing log

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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