Just Penned!! – I ain’t open


I ain’t cracking down to let light in
I’m opaque to change and wisdom
I’m not something made of glass
I name myself “nothing”

I’ve neither tasted ingorance nor bliss
Never have yearned for silly kiss
I occupy no space anywhere
Nothing here could hold “nothing”

No pen could fill me to pen
I either refuse to flow
Or flow to smudge and spoil
I don’t like being a thought
Or settling into a draft

I ain’t a seeker with a purpose
Or a wanderer with thirst
I neither bubble with lust
Nor settle with trust

I ain’t open, as I ain’t closed
I ply with no axis
I ain’t heavily dozed
I water all nothingness
And swim through everything

O eternity!
I sweat to discover me
Wedge my vanity
Dissolve me into Thee!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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