Just Penned!! – The Spine Problem

Weak Posture


Nerves don’t have the nerve
Spine swims in the soup
In the lust for breeding the flesh
Soul has sunk into the loop

Spine couldn’t just stand by itself
Swine like heart lures into sin
O, What have I done to His throne!
Yet dwelling in the stink of sterone

I feel I’m cursed with what He blessed me
And couldn’t get when lust did kiss me
O, the blast of winds hit all
The mighty stand as the weak ones fall

The day of judgement stalks me every then
I fear the harsh ink of His merciful pen
Yet I love peeping into the pitch dark sin
Knowing all what would happen to me then

Taken for an abysmal spin
I’ve lost my spine to my own lust’s din
The noise has grown too much in size
The voice of soul has just stopped as it’s wise

After all, I still seek His mercy
The thin skin that I take a chance with
Would His mercy fall like a myth
I’d coil into hell with my soft spine!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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