Just Penned!! – To The Mantle of Thy Love


I’m etching a cave with Thy name
Only now I feel why lovers scribble everywhere
Why they murmur love smoke into solitary air!
As the numbness of solitude etches me
I’m etching a cave with Thy name

The rock is in fact soft to love
Only hearts that touch it are hard
At once this truth struck me, from whence
I etch the cave no more with a barb

The cave reveals its craft
Bleeding in hues of love
Drenching me with Thee,
The sense of Thy name, Thy love

I’ll drill the roof of the cave
To stud it with stars’ maze
To look into the jubilant void
To enjoy Thy graceful gaze

I fear etching to the mantle of Thy love
For I fear Thy fiery mercy
Yet I wish to carve thorough
To tresspass into love and cross the death row

Thank Thee Lord
For giving me a cave
That throbs with life
That in Thy blood bathes

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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