To keep peace with what?

I held the podium tight
And shot my haughty words
My sermon didn’t needed a mount
I was not all what I said
Yet I felt good to dictate

I only spake to the masses
And herds of frenzy classes
I evaded speaking to people
For I might sound lying in fact

Amassing the vulnerable together
I injected the venom of hatred
With a smile on my face
I stirred the fire of race

At the cost of my life
With all might and strife
Let me peel the truth
To let you feel the truth

Uniformity is a farce
Homogenity is a lie
It is the objective of a new world
That finds fault with the Lord and cry

The height of every standard sought
Hath only selfish means and sorts
When the whole of creation is in harmony
We culprits blame Him of His hegemony

Scripts are true and speak of love
We interpretors divided love and reserved
Break the void and see the truth
Break into you and save the truth

Stop feeding bullets to solicit peace
Stop planting mines crafting the path to peace
To keep peace with what?
Is the question hot!

Don’t pry upon with the angry birds
Stop rearing the innocent herds

The Shepherd is merciful
See with eyes, not with an eye
Kneel and bow!
Democracy and dictators are dictated you know!
And I say this, to get a blow!


Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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