Just Penned!! – Fantasies as Fate


In search of the greater self
Tried putting the scrabble in place
Tripping over my plenty faces
Lost into the fierceful race

Mixing and matching things bright
Fixing and mending things straight
Skinned my tender self late
To pen my fantasies as fate

In the mist of all that I yearned
I wandered to see me as what I believed
When at times truth came to face
Blew it off to stop its deceit

When with all that I’m tainted
I reached back to the mirror
I was lost in the make over
And my image was an error

The scrabble lays scattered still
My faces don’t match my self
The weeping self is heavy to lose
What it believes it to be

The greater self is laughing at far
It sounds super heavy
People like me count it for the void
And chase the farce to be what we see

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

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