Just Penned!! – Strew more deeds of love

The void is all love
Kill the hellish crave for heaven
Stop pleasing Him for grace
Grace’s not a catch phrase

Warm the earthen pot
Once the stew is hot
Air the flavor far, afar
Inviting the poor to the fair

Make a deep handle of love
Or fix a rig to pour amore
With every scoop consumed
Feel the tainted soul relieved

The gust of breathe with peace
With drenched gut in ease
Is the breeze from the heaven
That saves from choking in graves

Strew more deeds of love
Not to secure heaven or spell out hell
Spend mercy to save grace
See not the cast, creed or race

Melt to the moment and serve
To serve selfless needs the nerve
Forget the measure and the curve
His caliper never goes by the metrics’ verve

The void is all love
Get lost into…

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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