Just Penned!! – Stop feasting on flesh

O mortals! Why can’t we spare a morsel
The earth is bewitched with luxury
And is blind to poverty!

When sanctions shell the foe shortly
What holds us from lending a hand
Deafened to the cry of the needy
Coldly we deny and reprimand

When a part of this world rejoices
And indulges in hefty feasts
When pets are reared in castles
And fed with prescribed feeds

Fellow souls die of hunger
Listening to the haunting howls
With not even a spill of champagne
Nor the dust of crumb to taste

How arrogantly left out
How conveniently forgotten
How mercilessly ignored
How coldly let to die

The excess spend on colorful tastes
The excess dumped in yards to waste
Spade the grave for people to sleep
A duct we build to hell so steep

As we order our grub and wait
As we regret the delivery late
So many souls are dying away
No toll of cases written anyway

Unload the shells from the war vessels
Fill them with aid for the needy
Speed to the shores of death
Feed the needy with mercy

Let not the lands of famine
Drink tears anymore
Let not the eyes of bereaved
Spill blood anymore

Come!At once!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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