Just Penned!! – It’s time to think


Stop planting the world with hatred
No point in erecting symbols of respect
When you culture a reason to destroy

To save the likes intangible
You kill lives tangible
Just for the pride of your brain
You name people foe
And kill them in line

To your lip smacking taste for blood
You shade people with races and spread
To test all your nerveless weapons
You make treaties to unlikely heavens

What order is that thee seek?!
To make this world a better place?!

Who the hell do thee challenge?!
When His province is already the best
Your satanic spell of development
Mows this earth to erect hellish settlement

O people! Awake!
We’ve dried and fried this world
We’ve planted the lifeless metals and ions
We’ve dug the core for some ore
Feel! We are making pandemonium
Where satan wants us as slaves

It’s time to think and bereave
To repent and save mother earth
For the sake of the Father’s beloved!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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