Just Penned!! – Maketh Thee Thy justful Ark


Triggers are many that pull and tear
Inept soul runs in tears
O peace! Come, brace the weak
O Light! Come, brace the meek

Smog of sigh from the beheaded truth
Hath swooned this world wholly
Tender hearts fear to say
It doesn’t like the world today

In the name of saving
Murders are staged with rage
The stabbed kindness floats in blood
With beheaded truth besides

When would all this chaos die?!
When would the flag of peace fly?!
What kind of agreement seeks this world?!
To kill everyone and grieve in hell!!!

Shelling all the pleasant time
Hues and cries are filled in rhyme
What the heck does “power” mean?!
To fill the graves and don the sheen?!

O weak! O meek! O tender!
Save all your tears to heat this world
Let your sighs battle the smog of chaos
And bring the mercy’s rains near

On my knees, I plea Thee God!
Maketh Thee Thy justful Ark
Board us meek in flocks and flocks
Save us all from the crooks and dark

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet



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