Just Penned!! – Stink of a Sinking Soul

Everything craves going “viral”
Nothing seems to seek a cure!
Victim gazing is the newer face,
Of erupting humanity pure

The one-eyed Satan in hand
Pries everything under the sun!
Sharing has assumed a cruel sense,
We peddle the Satan’s pun

O brainless human gadgets!
Don’t you realise your device handles you?
The cam on your phone
Is the one eye of Dajjal the Anti-Christ

Keep making data
And keep spying on you
Put the locator on your device on
To get a shell in your place
Or a bullet in your head

Eat, mate and make merry
Dig every day to get burried
Making the most of pleasure on earth
Make your way to the darkest of the graves

You shit on every truth and faith
And pee on holy scriptures with rage
Do you think you’re on the way to His grace?
Hell is all happy for you to brace

O mindless, merciless, heartless creed
Realize slaves, wake up, get freed
Never run after the gleam of the cream
For it might be colored goo to feed you to scream

Throw all your nutty ideas
Refrain from the filthy lust
If at all you could plant some peace
Sow it emptying a shell at least

Cry and pump your compassion inert
Feel for all and take some effort
Feel that your pleasures have clutched you from thought
Flee to His throne and beg pardon alot

He is to descend for the mankind
But He is to redeem those who are kind
Throw out of the heart your device
Free your neck from the crevice

Don’t you ever shoot a shot victim that bleeds
Never betray a departing soul’s plea
Before making the next viral post
Heal your heart and try becoming a host

Get lost from the world of virtual
Get firm stance on truth and virtue
Look around you…
You are about to sink!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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