Just Penned!! – Unite under His luminous grace


Let one syllable of love
Sing Jihadis into dust
O muzzles with lust for flesh
You’ll be put in short to rust

The tender hearts in prayer
Shakes His throne you know
Whom you sell as the Judge
Is all merciful with no glimpse of grudge

Who the hell are you
To guarantee heaven with guns
If truth be on your side
Utter words of love at once

For every false progress made
He keeps ready a deadly spade
You cowardly filthy shade
Go you fade! Go you fade!

He is the king
Whose praise we sing
His throne is not the power ring
His throne is the bosom that milks love
His heart melts for the one betrayed

Your harshly harshly ways
The deadly weapon and pace
To kill the human race
Will be spelled with all disgrace

There will no more be noon
You’ll all go swoon
The dawn of mercy will stay
Chasing you all astray

Souls of heaven on earth
Befriend every brethren soul
Let all the confines of races fade
Unite under His luminous grace

Let “we” breathe for all
Gather and give peace a haul
Let onness of love raise as a prayer
And bring down the angels
Upon all the slayers

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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