Just Penned!! – Dawn of Peace

O cursed hands that sculpt weapons
With crush for lives you kill heavens
What at all you fight on earth,
To skin timid souls and eat melons?

With sluts and whores minding the world
Children are raped at every corner
What the f**k your thing’s made of
You filthy stinking odour

The stink of the pandemonium
Has become the fragrance now
O horny devil’s horns
Curse upon thy newer worldly order

O eye that peeps to spy
Let you be rained with curse
O wretched hearts face your befall
For thee nurture bad and nurse

The honk of the horn is not too far
The day of judgement too
All the shells and evil spells
Are to fall in hell

Let the world be filled with peace
Which every soul relishes and ease
O the hand of Mercy descend
O the light of truth ascend

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

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