Just Penned!! – Goblets of fiery wine

Set ablaze, I’m on my pyre
O Lord, add some more fire!

Thick skins of mine never yields to Thee
Burn me in Thy hands and set the soul free!

Wading into the woods of Thy fiery love
I dreamed of blowing it cold
Thy heat hath sucked this dreamer dry
Breath a packet of Thee to set me lit

Kill all the cold selfish songs
That sing to praise and please
Descend to me as a lover rude
Kill all the crease and tease

O my Lord, I’m not a bard
To sing Thy praise and please
I believe in Thy harshly harshly ways
Just slit me from world to ease

Give me some goblets of fiery wine
To quench with to bellow the thirst
At once sing back this lovely tryst
“I love Thee” in short is the gist

Mashook Rahman


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