Just Penned!! – Breathe in His love

Solace! Solace! Solace everywhere
With naively self withering away
Leaving the branches empty
Spring, bliss and light, all at once
Graces the soul with Grace!

O withered self!
Leave not a trace not a clue
Leap and fall under His mercy’s shade
That what’s timid never needs a spade

Breathe in His love
Dock on to peace
Sail in love
Like a vessel cuddling the waves

Shedding some twigs for a nest
Stretching out for some soul to rest
Will only make your being so whole
Will let you in heaven with Him for a stroll

Let your ends loose
Slit all the pods of desires mean
Wipe away all your fatty dream
Just be, as He is He!!

Mashook Rahman


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