Just Penned!! – Gathered into Existence


I’m an ageless sediment of coal
Gathered into existence hard
So dark! So dark! So dark!
That I enjoyed it so dark

Escaping the pickaxe
Treasuring myself deep within
I’ve laid inert and too tight
I’m so hard for a worm’s bite

Point zero hit the pitch at once
A tremor of light hit the soul dunce
Deep beneath stalked a sudden magma
Delinks the bond with haughty stigma

Pressure from within crushes the atom
Awe and fear smelts at the bottom
Tired of this being and inert existence
Heart sways the hip and twists a leg

O eternal light of lights
Hook me out of the selfish bait
Mark not me with a scarlet letter
Make me a song from an erred stutter

Soothe my darkness to heal as light
Fit me uncut in Thy throne’s height
Let all my darkness face befall
Let only Thee in me revolve

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet






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