Just Penned!! – Keep Me Lit


In the pitch dark of the heart
I brew a sun of love
Peeling the sins off
Kneeling with tears on

The sin of pride
Takes me for a ride
Oh Merciful! Merciful!
Bring down this stride

With a wistful heart
With fistful wishes
With lustful thoughts
I docked at Thy door

The lust for light
Is a capital sin
Thy Denial taught
This wistful heart

The first sky of denial
Threw me back into the hell of self
Crawling in the mire
I gather the Adam in me

O mighty! O mighty!
Let not the slice of apple
Keep me in belittled birth
Let not the slice of apple
Burry me in the eternal trough

Let not the heart in the pitch of the dark
Set me free.. to be not but be

Kill all the waves of pros and cons
Chop and mince all my devil’s horns
Breath me with Thy Holy Spirit
Once again light me and keep me lit

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy





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