Just Penned!! – The Bounty Beyond


Seeking the way to Thy heart
I keep erasing the path
Let Thy light walk in to me
Fading the last of my shadow away

Cast in the spell of awe
Forgetting the worldly law
The frantic footloose soul
Joins the galactic dance

Knots of the heart undone
Thunders of peril undone
Soul eclipses the limits of flesh
With light squeezed from within

With waves of love singing HuHu HuHu
Breaking the riddle of everything
The numbness of self withers away
Embalming with amber of love

Swinging in the lull of the lovely boon
It struck of the bounty beyond
With one thorn of the Lord’s Eden
At once into pool of pain

Let me lay here and stay too
His mercy eclipses His love
For boon is a pinch of the bounty
Who loots should fight for it all

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet










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