Just Penned!! – No Row at Position Zero”


“There is no row at position zero”
Repeated the site I tried to enter
The error message was a splinter
That sparked a thought at my soul’s center

Commands remain commands
The server fails time and again
Stays the command intact,
With mercy, it only pleads to correct

How sound the call may be
Souls are weak to heed
With no code of conduct
We stick with bugs and stray

The divine domain descends
With ways to mend it discerns
This haughty soul that listens
Still turns to that what glistens

Position zero never gets a row
Those that line up there
Becomes the zero

O Command Holy
Repair all my folly
Let not the back end
Stay in dark blackened

Give the light of Thy command
At once zero me into Thy hand
Mercy! No more binary.

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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