Just Penned!! – Let the call be one

At a high rise outlet
I stand confused
To call with an azaan
To call with a gong
To call with some music
I’m confused on and on

What is this beneath my feet
A steeple, a minaret or a tower?!
Who were those who built this all?!
To which call would they come?!
should I thump a tambourine
Or rumble with a drum?!

Do every sound has a god?!
Or all reach to one?!
Or just fade away
Reaching to none?!

My call is “all unite in love”
That is what I long
If souls arrive beyond the curve
There we all belong

The greed of mind sees the land
Feet of soul feels the sand
Let every foot have a share
To stand as one and show some care

Let all of us pray for love
Let the call be one
If all could heed to my soul
That’s all and we are done!

Mashook Rahman

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