Just Penned!! – I peek into my being

From the gentle blow of the reed
He slipped into me as music to breed
Breathing His sense of love
Of all clutches of hatred I’m freed

Veins lit with the resonating consonants
He pumps in as unique vowels of sound
I’m composed into a symphony
With divine choir around

Pains are music to me now
Drains all my past
He shakes a leg with me now
To shag my tears apart

In silence I weep I weep
His love’s harvest reaped
Blood’s filled with harmony
I’m pecked by what I seeked

Meek in the warmth of love
I peek into my being
I see the pink of music of love
I long to see that I’m seeing

The clef lingers in soul
Blooming in music some more
The reed I kissed and blew
Took me through heaven’s flue

O beloved Lord!
Keep me in Thy company
As Your beloved symphony
Heavens could be a penalty
For I’m in love with Thee!

Mashook Rahman


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