Just Penned!! – Bent in Fruition


Right behind the boulevard
There is my orchard
Trespassing the boulevard
Where I reach every night

With fervent heart
I feel every fruit
Taste them with soul
And pick their sense

Then I throw myself
To see the stars
To only believe
My orchard isn’t a farce

What a taste of finesse
Watered with mercy
Bloomed to brim
To defy my heresy

The orchard glows
With innumerous rows
Bent in fruition
Into the boughs

As night slips
And sun covers the fruits
I trespass back to me
Leaving the cloak of ardent love
In the Orchard of love

O light! Hail Thee
My fruits ripe every night
For when Thy hand pick of me
I’ll offer those in love!

Embalm me with Thy fragrance
To flee the boulevard
Mercy! Come down to me at once
Don’t make Thy love so hard!

Mashook Rahman

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