Just Penned!! – As perennial as You


I have a treasured cup of wine
With wine as clear as water
Whenever fear brims
I drink at once
Then fill it with Thy love
And sip slowly
When at last
My chest is with love
I fill again with fear
To brew more of Thy love’s wine

My cup empties then and now
I have no cask of wine stored
Yet it fills with fear and love
For love brews fear and fear brews love

My flesh is always hot
For it adds soul to my love
My sweat is losing salt
Thy sweetness is all I owe

I’m a rolling particle of love
Losing mass with Thee
The plumes I’ve shed
Have fled to Thee
Carrying songs of my love

Keep filling my cup
Keep me in trance and up
Keep me as a word of peace
Keep me for Thy word of peace
Let me sing with all ease
The pain of Thy tease..tease..tease

If at all my cup is broken
Wine would flood the world
Keep me in Your company
Let flow Thy love’s symphony
As perennial as You
As perennial as my love for You!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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