Just Penned!! – Wandering in Thy Brace


Tambourine thunks
Thumb thumb thumb
At the banks of a river perennial!

There crackles the fire on woods
Swaying a hip with air

The serene giggles of the river perennial
Wove a song of my soul in length

Waving through the currents of water
With the blast of air wooing the soul

Every moment tipped into time
Fell glittering with Thy light deemed

Only my footprints stayed then
I was wandering in Thy brace’s awe

The river flowed as river
Ashes from the woods dived into her

The crackles of fire were
Adding rhymes to thoughts

And I, was lost
In the thunk of the tambourine
That hath then turned
Hu Hu Hu Hu!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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