Just Penned!! – Fossil fuel

My lavendar petal feathers
Are just a fossil now
Stuck in the rock of past

Then, it was so beautiful
The stunk and scent of age
Meant something new within
That broke into songs every moment

Left with puzzles and no clue
Just held my eyes closed
Gave me the pleasure of losing
Into the depths of soul’s verses

Deep beneath, hitting the crust hard
The heat and thirst of age
Melted the crust into sea further
Deep into the deep, it took me

Where, it was all just me
And the scent and stink of age
Where chanting shells sung to me
How not to become a sage

The questions I bubbled
Into the deepest of the sea
Bursted with no answers

Wonder and awe faded slowly
Putting me in the berth of vaccuum
Where my thoughts zeroed down
And eyes opened awide

Something filled the chest chamber
Couldn’t guess what was its kind
With a mind completely frozen
Just fell the mercy benign

The scent and stink of age died
Giving me lavender petal feathers
The chanting shells fed me a pearl
And stuck me to the rock of past

I’m here, keeping the pearl alive
To give it to the next who fall
This fossil has the fuel
To ignite truth, and that is all

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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