Just Penned!! – Fall of a fellow soul


O peace and harmony
Are you becoming extinct?!

I spit on the mirror for my existence
For I’m left timid with no resistance
As I grew seeing
You fell shrinking

Words from far off
Smokes at distant lands
Told me fables of terror
And have threaten me for life

Now I’m a stinking piece of Sh** coward
To be wiped away with my own blood

Moment’s peace and solace
Have kept me dumb for a long
Let me at least gong
The sense of truth through this song

Species clashed and went extinct
Races clashed and new ones evolved
Beliefs clash to fell faith
All have had only thy demise

How on earth eyes relish
The fall of a fellow soul?!
Who the hell are we to make
Sentences of death toll?!

What is that itches the crooks
The color? The belief? The stools?!
When dumb muzzles could speak power
Are we weak to even spit on fire?!

How long? How long? We long!!
How far? How far? We see!
What for, what for we wait?!
To open to meet the bait
With weapons of unity, harmony
And a heart clean and straight

Extend hearts, words and hands
Extinct chaos and wars
Before our blood wipes us away!
As a stinking piece of sh**!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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