Just Penned!! – Hues of my love


I sweat into crystals of salt
Each with the soul of love
Keeping myself alive
From the waves beneath
And the Sun above

Am I not a scoop of You
Spilled and scattered on earth?!
I breathe my love into vapours
To bring your heart and its favors

The greasy mirage I elevate
Has the hues of my love real
Would you reflect my mirage
And free me from this long trial?

As I sing my love for Thee
I’m melting of my love for Thee
My atoms are in an outrageous heat
To rise to you and meet

My meek faint fiddle
Are tweaked by the waves’ meddle
Break the riddles of the silent riddle
Clean the puddle! clean the puddle!

Here is my last crackle into Thee
Taste me as You!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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