Just Penned!! – The Thick and Thin


Spilling a pail of water, I laughed
There blast a bombshell
When after the shock I woke
My land was a nuke hell

The last drops I spilled
Were trickling with someone’s blood
There was no clue of
The amount of blood shed

The broken Alum pail
Was collected for next weapon
The camouflaged patriots yelled
They fight for the heaven

The trickling blood
Was of my land
And the very grains
Of its sand

The farms were sown with mine
“To reap hatred” in plain
The treatise of peace
Showered shells from the sky
The “peace” of my land
Is just a comment sly

The pail broke in me
Tears rolled down
Looking at the faces
Of my felled fellow souls

The scavenging machines
Were after the pieces of meat
I felt cursed to live
To be fed with hell

First it was for water
Then for the soil
Then for the oil
Then the toil
Was on the atoms
Now, this earth is dug
For any form of power
To make all the riches
To build better graves

Just for the pail I spilled
I repent now, than I regret
O hearts, are your pails empty too?!
Save some tears for your dears
This is my last breath
On mother earth

Unjust justice is now everything
Don’t deprive a fellow soul
Of having the least of resources

Save water! Share Water!
Be it a drink, or be it tears!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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