Just Penned!! – Kashmir is a piece of blessing


O floods of Kashmir
Are thee a curse?!
Or a blessing in disguise?!

Thy tender rose petals bloomed
Were paled white in fear
But, painted red with the blots of blood
Of thy soil’s dears and nears

The lofty peaks surround thee
Echoes only chaos
Adds the sounds of ammunitions
To the rhythm of terror biased

The skies have poured
To soften the muzzles
To stop the echoes of chaos
To let bloom the dry hearts
To cleanse the fallen souls
From the depths of dark bias

People! become people!
Kashmir is a piece of blessing
Why fight upon a blessing?!
Humble thee! Humble thee!

Let the ravines of the divine land
Sing the song of solace
Let the fences of thorns wither
To let bloom the tender petals

This flood hath given a pause
To all the fight and farce
Think in this silence, O fellow souls
Let peace dawn
Upon the pieces darned
Let white ones bloom
To kill terror and gloom
Let the blood of terror’s death
Color the petals of peace

Kashmir is a piece of blessing
Why fight upon?!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

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