Just Penned!! – Knots for you


The many books on Sufis I read were one
Their names, places and times differed
But conferred upon only One!

Every page of every book
Left me with questions
Why do these much ado?!
Why do they contemplate?!
What does a Sufi seek?!
What does it mean to them?!
What are theirs masters’ legacy?!
What are the causes of their lunacy?!
What made some of them freak?!
What made some fall sad?!
What in the end all those had?!
What happened thereafter?!

Puzzles, stories, fables weaved
Eases the readers’ heart bereaved
What doth their lives teach?!
Why aren’t it in my reach?!
The last book I closed reading
Added to the questions breeding

The knots have piled into a long rope
I wish I’ll climb into a Sufi cloud
To reap the fruits they enjoy
Await my book shortly!
Certainly with more puzzles
And knots for you!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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