Just Penned!! – Float in the song of pain


Given a thorn in the heart
Soul bleeds a song
That laid frozen
In the veins of love so long

Thank you for the prick
That awakened me quick
I regret my silence
That hath did me this harm

Pouncing upon Thy wick
And dance as the flame of Thy light
Melting in Thee
Pelting stones upon this world
That deceived me for Thee

The bleeding song adds to the fire
The mix of wax and blood clots back
To seal my tender love for you
With your very hues’ chop!

The thorn hath slit my silent soul
Swooned arrogant and haughty
Pain adds to the melting now
Adding peace to the soul

Let me not freeze back
Cut all my veins open
For all to take road to Thee
Let me just float in the song of pain
Bleeding…bleeding…bleeding love
For if back in silence
I’m all in vain

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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