Just Penned!! – Coffee with Sufi


I’m a sun roasted coffee bean
Robust with foams of love within
Winds threw me astray
I’m bubbling to become Thy brew
In the heat of love so true!

I’m a being of bitterness
Alone in the desert’s wilderness
My bitterness is a song sober
The longing for the lost lover

O harkening beloved!
Tinge me with Thy love
Pleads at Thy holy feet
The tanned skin of my soul

Make my bitterness sweet
Send me a drift of bliss’ fleet
With a tryst singing the day we meet

I’m cracking, sinking in the sands
To root and shoot to Thee back
In bunches I’ll sing and await
Smacking my lips to taste you
Till Thy mercy’s rays toast me baked!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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