Just Penned!! – A heap of noise


Thy beauty stuns like a fading song
The note that hath spilled from Thy reed long
The iridescence of Thy exuberance
I miss, I mess again and again

The bounty of the words given
Are a heap of noise
Yet when I cry “I’m inept”
Your song showers Thy poise

When after the slightest sight
I rise with pride to reach Thee
I’m stunned again by my veils
Shunned of a glimpse of Thy grace

The distance and the song are growing
Shadow adds to its beauty
Where I take shelter to sing Thee on
To bring Thy grace thereupon

You take pleasure of my plea
And run like a kid to the lee
I’m chasing your song
With the weak one of mine

Would we meet
Where our notes fall
And that’s all?!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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