Just Penned!! – Then came Thy hand

You are the sun bright in the sky
I see You through my heart’s cave
Thy rays drape my eyes
From the dearth of my deadly days

I fell with feeble knees at my life’s lee
With tears drenching me and a crunching pain
I learned to sing curses on Thee
Cursed and cursed to befriend Thee

In flesh of a soul, I resorted for love
The stink of my darkness kept me low
Dreary dear nights of falling stars
With a full moon, sobbing red hot

My dreams slaughtered fine, the bits of sleep
I wept, wept and wept
For what I were to Thee?!

All of a sudden, when lust caught me
I were a burning candle, losing wax of life
Deformed, deprived and dying for love

Then when the search for Thee elapsed
And my stinky heart relaxed
Sure of Thy non-existence
Then came Thy hand

Thy touch still lingers
Sense, hot in search
Soul longs again
Stink lost its perch
Now, I see you through my heart’s cave
Thy rays drape my eyes

Frills of wings fragile
Are now mighty and virile
Knees strong of prayer
And feet is ready for the throng!

I sang curses and curses on Thee
Now, Thy mercy hath befriended me
Ala…Ala…Ala…I’ll fly!

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