Just Penned!! – I Swirl to


I swirl, rise and fly
To pounce into your heart I try
Gravity, the curse upon soul too sly
Brevity of life’s puzzle spins me dry!

Would I ever spell peace with me?!
My shroud begs some freedom!
The second skin is torn
My song for alms is on!

Throw some shillings of peace at me
To collect you whole some day
For Thee I sing at Thy places
My song’s echo only graces

I swirl to diminish the distance
I swirl to gain momentum
I swirl to stay in axis
I swirl to sing it on
I swirl to forget myself
I swirl to see Thee soon
I swirl to get lost from here
I swirl to end up beyond the nowhere
I swirl singing it on
I swirl swearing it on
I swirl with might of love
I swirl for light of love
I swirl to be with Thee
I swirl to be all free
I swirl to keep off chaos
I swirl to peep into Thy chamber
I swirl to keep Thee for me
I swirl to keep me for Thee
I’ll swirl..swirl…swirl till I fall dead
And pounces the soul into Thee!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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