Just Penned!! – My fellow lovers


My fellow lovers
We all have one beloved!
We race with our heart
And sing out the love hot!

My words and thoughts are His
All of us sing and swirl
The song is one
The love is one
The beloved, one
Then who are we?!

The yolk of love is love
The core of soul is soul
The heart of heart is Him
Then who are we, behold!

Am I not you?!
Are you not me?!
Are we not Him?!
Who are we, behold!

When eyes are His
As well the vision
When He’s us
As well the mission
Should we sing, dance and swirl?!

We do to please the Beloved
We sing to please Him odd!
We love with throb and throng at Him
We all are one at last!
Let we dwell in his mustach
Or in His beard long
Let’s all be fed of His bosom’s love
Let’s stay in Him for long!

The racing hearts are paced in trance
The speed of light befalls
At once we are chased away
To sing the chaste song!

Love you Love
Love you Love
Love you Love we all
We All will for Thee
In Thee we’ll hail and fall!

Love us love
Rub the slate
Before it’s long and late!
Shrink the chorus
Mute the song
Behold, who are we!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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