Just Penned!! – The glazed coffin


More often, I’m but a glazed coffin
With an opaque soul
Hard to let the light in
But, befriends the genetic darkness

With You or with You not
I’m to be as same as I thought
And You would be You as well!
What if I give in to Thee?!
What if don’t I?!

Where are Thy mounds of reasons?!
Where is the river of so called truth?!
None of Thy lovers have ever told the world
What have they begotten
Of being in Thy love rotten!!

You sell the power of silence
Dwell in its insane sense
How much would it cost me for you
A shilling and some fickle pence?!

O glazed coffin!
I’m the light you chased!
I don’t cost a thing
I come as free will with chaste

Where were you then?!
When I revered Thee and penned?!
Even the idols are merciful
For you stay off sight now and then

O glazed coffin!
I’m thy pen and the now and then
You still hold your genetic darkness
And I’m beyond your pun!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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