Just Penned!! – His cozy cozy love


It’s ringing, it’s ringing
My day has come
The celebrated horns
Of the Beloved
Are ringing for me

It’s ringing, it’s ringing
I’m half way through
Rest is all Him
He’s ringing for me

It’s rigging, it’s rigging
The fuel of the heart
To fuel the love for Him

It’s ringing, it’s ringing
The flames are high
And the balms are burnt
It’s ringing, it’s ringing

There at His lap
Like a tender Oak’s sap
With the grace of a Willow
In His Sandal smooth wrap

In His cozy cozy love
As His much treasured dove
Would I be a dream here
And live truly with Him ever?!

It’s ringing, it’s ringing
O, currents of bliss!
Carry me!

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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