Just Penned!! – Commit me with..


Let me stop committing
To be committed to Thy love
For I’d be perceived a folly
If I give a word, a vow

You marry the souls
Keep marrying more
But, I propose to Thee
Keep me in Thy core!

Baked in Thy warmth
Why don’t I taste as Thee?!
Cream my crumbs at least
To appease Thee orderly

Filthy, stealthy coward
Mumbling its love for long
Faking to make some truth
Out of Thy silent brook

Commit me with Thy love
Commit me with Thy core
Commit me as Your score
As the lyric of You and more

Let me not be felled
As perceived a folly
I shall stop committing
Once You give a word, a vow!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

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