Just Penned!! – A piece of Thy grace


Every grain has it’s eater’s name
I wish, I bear you
Consume me Love!

Blow me not as a heap of hay
Neither weed me from Thee away
For in Thy field I’m not astray
Let me stay, let me stay!

The sickles are after the old and ripe
I love Thy hands for me to be reaped
Pick me with Thy gentle love
Am I not a piece of Thy grace?!

Ploughed heart reveres the plough
Every trough awaits Thy rain!
Even the worms have whispered a prayer
Save this poor grain from the slayer

Let me not be sold in the fair
Let me not be stored in the stair
Keep me for Thee and Thee
In Thy hands, I’m handled fair

Look for me in the entire soil
I’m a fruit of Thy love and its toil
Gracefully I’m robust in Thy love
Consume me love
I wish, You bear me!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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