Just Penned!! – At zero chaos


Coming a long way
I bear a heart heavy
Partly with the roses
And thorns that envy

Steep dip was the journey
Which shed my sins away
At zero chaos in heart
Sprung the peace peak’s way

I’m grateful for Your love
To beat me clean and speck
Wouldn’t call it worst anymore
You are graceful than the luck

Slippery mire of wealth
Had me away from Thee
Just fill my pocket daily
With a heart to save some wee

Of all the showers I’ve drenched of
I like Thy geyser’s warmth
That springs to mother me
Please hold me here I plea

I treasure the scars You’ve given
Those are the craters of love
In which boils the sense of I
The stew of truth and sense of life

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet

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