Just Pennned!! – Music of the soul


I woke up in the woods
A Chaffinch chirped at me
Before I consumed the music
A lion’s roar threatened
Fearful of the lion in hiding
I was all sweat laddened

Then with every step ahead
There was a call from some creature
To nothing I paid a heed
For I were after the beloved’s reed

Looking for the music of the soul
Looking for the soul of the music
I were mixed in fright and delight
Whenever there was a call from a creature

The woods opened into a plain
I were still thirsty of His name
I shouted my love to the hills at long
He whispered from my heart
Didn’t your hear my voices in the woods?!

I turned to see the woods vanished
Struck of the truth that I’m banished
Would it need one more birth
To anchor that moment of truth?!

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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