Just Penned!! – The frenzy songsmith


I’m a frenzy songsmith
That has one piece of ore
I hit it hard and hard and hard
To bend it to my score

For it’s a bit of ore
I want some meter more
Bellows to blow a lore
With words from soul galore

O my friend from far and off
Send me winds ashore
Spin for me a tender rug
To dream of Thee some more

My hit on ore makes some rhythm
Come, fit as words in core
Let me make a skilled dagger
To slice some love carol

Long days are shrinking down
My bellows spew some light
I’m fine with this piece of ore and heat
To cut my song so neat

For flutes will sing my heart to You
And bring me back to beat
For I’m a frenzy songsmith
Adept in cutting score

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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