Just Penned!! – Such a rat

https://i2.wp.com/media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/20/19754/2011-03-16_00005.jpgThe rat broke into the castle
Nibbling the rook of rocks
So swift and quick it went atop
Chases the castle in flocks!

In me the rat left a puzzle
Who is the king of the castle?!
Hath the bite of the rat
Has the might than a sword?!

The soothed debris of nibbled rook
Had the answer, I harked!

Blood is such a rat
That makes the flesh stick out
This castle stiffens in pleasure
Quivers then in the pain of sins

Hands of the king are mightier than sword
Will throttle the neck of the rat
Alas! The feigning truth is that
Its hard to put together
The soothed debris back
For the plague of the rat
Is in the flesh that sticks out fat

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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