Just Penned!! – Skinned of my pride


I’m on a low in the love for Thee
For when I expressed my love
Thy lovers came to me

My words for you celebrated
Then was I, indeed
The flames grew longer tongues
And praised Thee more

The swirl was silky and the foot on air
Deceitfully happy at the mob in the fair
The sweets I savored have turned suddenly sour
The tweets that favored have turned worse

Alas! I’m deceived of the celebration received
Your lovers have fled back, and the fair is bereaved
It was You, whom the mob was consumed of
My deceitful lust laughs at me now
I’m skinned of my pride
I’m not of Thee, no more!

Lost of the pleasures Thy pain gave me
Lost in the deception, my pride slained me
It pains, My lord! Only you are worthy
Sorry, for I have been so stealthy
Keep me in the pangs of pain
In the valley of silence and dark
Yet, lit with a soul divine

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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