Just Penned!! – Pangs of Longing


Alas! I desire the pleasure
Of being your beloved
Forgetful of the pain
Thy love inflicts

For every moment gifts
Pangs of Longing pain
Dreary nights of losing Thy sight
Burning the dreams and all delight

Thy reign and Thy sovereignty
Hath a herd of lovers
And when is my turn
Of being fed with Thee?!

In the swarm of sheep
I’m weak to reach Thy hands
Heard of Thy mercy
Reaching the weak ones early

The pain of Thy love threatens
Yet, after Thee is my heart smitten
Point to me with Thy holy staff
Call me under Thy cloak’s shade
Hide me beyond the time’s stade

Take this not as my nth plea
I’ll stalk at Thy feet
Even after Thee feed!

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet


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